From Wednesday, 6th March

Turn a stone in your shoe into an intergalactic meatball

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The idea of play can be a powerful tool for creativity. Play isn’t just about games or physical activities; it can also be about exploring ideas in a light, experimental way. This approach can free you from the constraints of big scary thinking and open up new perspectives.

It’s also a really good way to waste an hour.

What’s a stone in your shoe that’s not big enough to really kick up a fuss about, but has been getting on your nerves? What would happen if you took that irritant, found something small and odd about it, and blew that thing up? What would happen if you kept doing that?

Ask yourself “If this is true, then what else is true?”

If the guy who told me off about your parking had a big nose, what else might he have that’s out-of-proportion?

No smut please. Unless that’s how you get your kicks.

I’ve used this tactic for much bigger and scarier ideas and it works. The more silly and cartoonish you can make a problem, the more you can have a wee chuckle about it.

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